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Crochet Between The Years Challenge

#Crochetbetweentheyears challenge what is that? And more to the point what does between the years mean? Well, I spent several years studying and working in Germany and in that time, I like to think that I picked up a good grasp of the language and their idioms. One of my favourites was the phrase “zwischen den Jahren” which literally means “between the years”. But what it really describes is the special period between Christmas and New Year, where things are quiet and all normal rules are thrown out of the window. Life is in flux: you are looking back on the past year and looking forward to the new year.

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#crochetbetweentheyears challenge

I thought, wouldn’t it be great to do that with crochet; look back on our achievements and favourite creations of the past year and look forward to new projects and challenges in the coming year. And with that the idea of the #crochetbetweentheyears challenge was born.

Between 26th December and 1st January, there will be a prompt each day for us all to share a photo that responds to the theme. You can share the photos on Instagram, on my facebook page  or in the facebook group Crochet Along With Us. You can share a picture each day or just on the days that particularly appeal to you or that you have time for. Just make sure you use the #Crochetbetweentheyears hashtag so we see it.

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#crochetbetweentheyears challenge

So here is a list of each day and it’s themes, so you that can be prepared:

26th December – Fave holiday crochet decoration

27th December – Go-to crochet project for watching festive films

28th December – Fave crochet item you gifted

29th December – Biggest crochet challenge in 2019

30th December – WIP to be finished in 2020

31st December – Best crochet memory of 2019

1st January – Crochet New Year’s Resolution

Have fun and happy crocheting.

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