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November hooking

I once read that October was the start of the gardener’s year for that was when they would start planting the bulbs and vegetables for the spring. It got me thinking about when the start of the year is for a crocheter. I could simply say January for that is when I, and most likely many of you, make resolutions about what I want to crochet in the coming year. But I think that like the gardener, the crochet designer’s year may also begin in Autumn, for that is when we start plainning what we want to design in the coming year, and that is definately what I have been doing this month. There are a lot of new projects and collaborations coming up. I am particularly excited about working on a year long CAL with a large group of designers, so keep your eyes peeled for details coming soon.

Crochet Cloudberry - contemporary crochet pattern
Crochet Cloudberry - contemporary crochet pattern

The photo above gives a sneak peak of a new upcoming design.

And while I have been busy planning ahead, some older projects have been coming to fruitition. The crochet magazine Simply Crochet asked me to write a small piece about my favourite crochet creatation for this month’s issue. And after thinking long and hard, for I love all my designs and they all have a piece of my heart in them, I plumped for my Winter Jewels Lapghan. It was my first ever large design and I was glad to be able to release the patterns weekly in CAL style. But mainly, I picked it because I loved every minute I worked pn it and it and I still use it today. I am sitting under it right now as I type!

In the same issue of Simply Crochet, two of my Christmas patterns appeared. I simply love Christmas crochet, so I was thrilled that my penguin baubles and snowflake knit-look cushion were picked for this issue. The projects were, however, made in August – something that is also bizarrely normal in the crochet world. Just as I am already planning my projects for next year, I spent the summer desgining for Christmas with a little help from Trixie cat. And now back in Novemebt I  had better get my hook back to the grindstone in anticipation of all the exciting projects coming next year!

Enjoy the rest of November dear crochet friends!

Crochet Cloudberry - contemporary crochet pattern

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