Crochet Cloudberry - Granny Square Pattern

To crochet I must be true…

“So, have you always been a crocheter?” That is a question that I’m often asked when I tell people about my blog and that I’ve started writing crochet patterns. I then have to pause and think what to say next, for the truth is I only learnt to crochet a few years ago; I spent my entire childhood without so much as seeing a crochet hook and my attempts with knitting needles were very disappointing as well. So after explaining that for me crochet was easy to pick up and that I made fast progress which fed into my crochet addiction, the next question is, “but you have always been crafty right?”

This is a much easier question. Looking back it is as if I spent my entire youth with a project in my hands, be it the wonderful Christmas gift sets that let me try out

Crochet Cloudberry - Crochet Inspiration
Crochet Cloudberry - Crochet Inspiration

quilling and candle making or the cross stitching I used to do before my exams to calm my nerves. Then as an adult I had periods where I focused on quilting, even more cross stitching and jewelry making before I settled into crocheting. So I certainly do have a long crafting history and have been lucky to enjoy so many different things.

A few weeks ago, I had some ideas for crochet jewelry that I wanted make using a combination of crochet and jewelry-making techniques. I felt rather exited to be picking up my round nosed pliers and wire cutters again, but there was something niggling at the back of my mind: was I being unfaithful to my love of crochet?

Is that even possible? Can you be unfaithful to a craft? Is there any truth in that saying about a Jack of all trades? And should I feel guilty if I am not doing one particular craft?

Honestly, I don’t think so. Although it’s true that a lot of the joy that craft gives us comes from time spent perfecting skills and our perseverance, it is also good to follow our hunches and inspiration, and to craft projects that really excite us. If we restricting ourselves to one craft, we are nipping so many great ideas in the bud.

One of the things I love most about creativity is that once you have learnt how to make something, it’s hard to forget.  Of course, you might need to recheck

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Trendy watermelon necklace - free crochet pattern -crochet cloudberry

some techniques online, but the muscle memory of our hands let us make the once familiar movements again and before long we are working away as if it all we have ever done.

Designing and making my watermelon necklace has really taught me the value of being a multicrafter. Although my focus is on crochet nowadays, if I had not spent time making jewelry and studying its techniques, I would never have dreamt of making jewelry with crochet elements. So while it is nice to focus on one craft, we should celebrate the many skills that we have picked up on our crafting journey and let them inspire us.

Do you agree? Have you a favourite craft that you combine with crochet? Post a comment to let me know.

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