Sewing a zip into crochet

Tips for adding a zip to crochet

Putting a zipper into a crochet project can sometimes be tricky. This is because it not only requires crochet skills but also some sewing skills. When I first started out crocheting, I shied away from projects that demanded sewing as well as crochet. But over time I started to remember some of the techniques I had learned in a brief dressmaking course at school and one of the most valueable was how to insert a zip.

I have seen a few different techniques for inserting zips in crochet, including using sharp hooks to work into the material of the zip. But I still find the dress-making technique gives me the neat finish that I want for the majority of projects. Below I show you how to insert a zip to crochet, plus a few tips along the way.

Sewing a zip into crochet
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Sewing a zip into crochet

To start off, make sure that you have a zip of the correct length and colour.

Tip: If the ends of the zipper are a little too long (especially on small projects), then they can be trimmed or bent back and sewn together.

Before starting work on inserting the zip, make sure you have sewn in the ends on the pieces of crochet you want to join with a zip. This will make inserting the zip a lot easier.

Position the two pieces of crochet together with the right sides facing up. Using large stitches, sew the two pieces together.

Tip: Use a contrasting colour colour to do this, as you will unpick these stitches at the end and it will make it easier for you to see them.

Inserting a zip into crochet
Sewing a zip into crochet

Turn your work so that the wrong side is facing up.

Pin the zip in place so that it follows the join between the two pieces of crochet. The back of zip should be showing up.

Tip: For longer zips, use several pins.

You can now hand sew the zip into place. Use a normal strong sewing thread and a sewing needle to do so. Work through the backs of your crochet stitches, so that the sewing thread remains invisible on the right side.

Tip: For an extra strong hold, use back stitch.

Sewing a zip into crochet
Sewing a zip into crochet

Turn your work over, and unpick the stitches you did in step one. The insert of the zip is now completed and you can follow  the remaining instructions to assembly your project.

The pieces I have used in this tutorial are parts of the lime coin purse.

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