Free C-to-C cat blanket chart - Crochet Cloudberry

Corner to Corner Crochet Cat Blanket

Crochet cat blanket? A blanket for a cat? Or a blanket with a cat on it? The answer is: Both! Well at least in this case it is. I have designed this c2c cat blanket, measuring approximately 50cm (19inch) square for a cat to sleep on. Using the corner-to-corner method, the image of smiling cat face is formed. You will find the corner-to-corner graph at the bottom of this post should you want to make this sweet blanket yourself.

Free C-to-C cat blanket chart - Crochet Cloudberry
Free C-to-C cat blanket chart - Crochet Cloudberry

Why did I make this cat blanket?

Well, earlier this summer our lovely cat, Chrystal, crossed the rainbow bridge and after that we had a cat-shaped hole in our lives. While we knew we could never replace her, we were aware that we could give another cat a comfortable home. And so we headed to our local RSPCA rescue shelter to find our new family member, Trixie.

While we were there, apart from all the lovely cats, I noticed that each animal had crocheted and knitted mini blankets in their pods. Clearly to give them some home comforts during their stay in the shelter. I asked if the shelter accepted donations of crocheted blankets and they certainly did. They said the best sizes would be A4 to A3 size for their cattery, but if you I wanting to make and donate pet blankets, I would recommend calling ahead and checking what sizes your local shelter needs.

Free C-to-C cat blanket chart - Crochet Cloudberry
Free C-to-C cat blanket chart - Crochet Cloudberry

And so, while we were waiting for our Trixie to come to her forever home with us, I set about making some blankets for both her and her friends at the shelter.  These little blanket projects are very rewarding, not only because you are helping rescue animal but they are also great stash busters owing to their size and are a great way of experiment with a stitch or technique that you always wanted to try out. I gave multi-strand crochet and the alpine stitch a go.


For the cat’s face blanket, you will need:

6mm crochet hook

King Cole Big Value Chunky – Biscuit

King Cole Big Value Chunky – Charcoal

King Cole Big Value Chunky – Moss

You can purchase yarn and accessories at lovecrochet and amazon. (Using these links does not cost you any extra but I will earn a small commission that will help me keep posting free patterns).

To read this chart, you start in the bottom right corner and work upwards along the diagonal rows. You can check out my corner-to-corner tutorial, if you are new to the technique.

Free C-to-C cat blanket chart - Crochet Cloudberry
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Free C-to-C cat blanket chart - Crochet Cloudberry
Free C-to-C cat blanket chart - Crochet Cloudberry


Use Charcoal and hold your work with the right side facing you.

Start in any corner. Work 1dc, ch 1, 1dc in the corner stitch. Then ch 1, skip 1, 1dc. Repeat this pattern to the end of the side and then repeat the corner sequence. You will be working your stitched into the trebles and the chains of the body of your work.

P.S. If you are in America read sc for dc 😊

As with all my free patterns please feel free to make and sell the crochet items, however, please credit me as the designer where possible and do not sell the pattern itself.



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