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Tulips Galore

This week’s tulip-based instalment is just a little bit later than usual, for two reasons: firstly, my tulips in the garden needed some care and suddenly that expanded to weeding, which you, if you are a gardener, will know is a never ending job. The sun was shining and so I just kept on weeding until suddenly the day was gone! Secondly, this is a double instalment. I am trying to keep a track on the size of the blanket so that by the end of the year, we will have a decent sized but not ginormous blanket. According to my measurement that means that from now we will just add one round per week. But the fabulous tulip stitches is two rows of trebles that will add lots of cms to our blankets with it. So instead of braking the stitch into two parts, I thought it was best have a double instalment and skip next week.

2022 Crochet Blanket - free crochet pattern - Crochet Cloudberry

This week, we are working the gorgeous tulip stitch to make tulips in four different colours. I hope you love this stitch as much as I do!


Stylecraft Special DK in Cream

Stylecraft Special DK in Buttermilk

Stylecraft Special DK in Powder Pink

Stylecraft Special DK in Candyfloss

Stylecraft Special DK in Pomegranate

Stylecraft Special DK in Duck Egg

Stylecraft Special DK in Spearmint

4 mm Odyssey hook

Tapestry needle and sharp scissors

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Pattern notes

The pattern is written using UK terminology, for a conversion chart to US terminology click this link

The blanket is worked in the round. You do not need to turn your work after each row and you continue working in the same direction as before. 

[Stitches written in brackets like this are all worked into the same stitch.]

For the first stitch on each row: Chain 1 to move up to the next round if the round starts with double crochet. Chain 2 if the round starts with a half treble crochet, and chain 3 if the round starts with a treble crochet. These chains count as the first stitch in the row

2022 Crochet Blanket - free crochet pattern - Crochet Cloudberry
2022 Crochet Blanket - free crochet pattern - Crochet Cloudberry

Special stitches

Ch – chain

Dc – double crochet

Tr – treble

4trpopcorn – You work this stitch as follows: (4tr) into ch-1-sp. After completing the final tr, remove you hook and insert it into the top of the first tr, then pick up the loop you just dropped and pull it through the top of the first tr. This creates the raised popcorn.

Start crocheting here:

Round 4:

Use Spearmint.

Start in any ch-2-sp (tr, ch3, tr), skip 1, (tr, ch 1, tr), *skip 2 (tr, ch 1,tr). From * 35 times. Skip 1. 4 times. Fasten off.


Round 5:

Use a different colour for each side – I used buttermilk, powder pink, candy floss and pomegranate.

Start in any corner ch-3-sp. Dc, *ch 2, skip 2, 4tr-popcorn in ch-1-sp from round 5. From *36 times. Ch 2, skip 2, dc into corner ch-3-sp. Fasten off. Start with a new colour for each of the fours sides.

2022 Crochet Blanket - free crochet pattern - Crochet Cloudberry

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