Fluffy bunny cushion pillow pattern

Fluffy Bunny Cushion Cover

Easter has just passed and I’ve definitely had my fair share of bunnies, both of the crochet and chocolate variety. I’ve tested a few cuddly crochet bunnies for other designers, I’ve made my own crochet bunny gnome and perhaps most excitingly, well at least for me, I’ve been working on the fluffy bunny crochet cushion.

I have just released the pattern on ravelry and Etsy, and want to share my inspiration for the design. I initially wanted to make a fun decoration for Easter with a bunny silhouette set against some spring-time coloured yarn.  For me it was also essential that the bunny had a tail, I mean what would a rabbit be without a fluffy tail? Just two big ears I guess.  And of course the tail also had to be fluffy. I had some Sirdar Funky Fur, which is a lash yarn, in my stash and made a little crochet swatch to see how it would look. I found  that when you tease out the lashes it had a great fluffy effect that would be perfect for my bunny tail.

Fluffy bunny crochet cushion pattern

Not happy with just having a tactile tail, I thought it would be a great idea  if the body could also be fluffy. After all real rabbits are not just furry on their tails but all over their body. After a little bit of searching I found, Sirdar Snowflake yarn, a polyester dk yarn that is just so soft and cuddly to touch. And when this yarn is crocheted, it is even softer.

Fluffy bunny crochet cushion pattern

After that my heart was set on making a cushion that not only looked good but felt good too. Although all the yarns that I was planning to use were double knit yarns, I was slightly nervous about how they would work together and if one yarn would be somehow thicker than the others. Fortunately, this was not the case and the yarns matched up well; maybe because they were all from the same brand. But if you do want to try this cushion cover using different yarns, I would really recommend doing a test with the intended yarns just to ensure that they “work” together.

The pillow was supposed to be for Easter but when I worked it up in pink, I thought it would also be at home in a nursery. I can just imagine little fingers tracing around the different yarns and feeling the shape of the bunny. The different yarn textures give the cushion a sensory dimension. I also couldn’t resist making another version of the cover in pure white, just to find out if you can visually tell the textures apart and the answer is: you can. Although, I did leave off the trim to make the bunny stand out more.

Fluffy bunny crochet cushion pattern
Fluffy bunny crochet cushion pattern

The cushion cover is worked in rows using the intarsia method. If you are unfamiliar with this technique, you can check out my free colour-change tutorial. I would grade the difficulty of this piece as intermediate simply because when working with the furry yarn, it is very difficult to see the stitches you are working into but after a while you do grow accustomed to feeling the stitches. As a result it is also sometimes very easy to lose or gain a stitch when changing yarns, so it is a good idea to regularly count the number of stitches in a row.


If you do decide to make the fluffy bunny cushion, please share your photos. Below I am listing the ingredients for the two versions of the fluffy bunny cushion cover I made but I always love seeing the colours and yarns that other crocheters use.

The recipe for the pink bunny cushion is:

And if you want to make the all white cover, here is the recipe:

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Fluffy bunny crochet cushion pattern


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