Lagom Snowflake Crochet Cushion

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Hello dear crocheters! It has been a while but fear not, I have not thrown out my trusty hook nor purged my home of yarn. The fact is very mundane things got the way: a very large translation project (that’s my day job) and ongoing technical problems with my server provider meaning I struggled to access the website. With all of that, suddenly a month had passed without any blog post.

That is not to say that I have not been working behind the scenes and crocheting away on new projects. Now that my work is done and the server is relatively stable I am pleased to present to you the Lagom Snowflake Cushion Cover.

Lagom Snowflake Cushion Cover Crochet Pattern
Lagom Snowflake Crochet Cushion Cover

Lagom is a Swedish word, which roughly translates as “just enough”. A title that I felt was fitting as I think that with snow, there are just enough snowflakes. If you get too many, then you get snowed in and if you get too few then they turn to a slippy slush instanstly and you don’t get to enjoy a lovely white landscape.

In this case, I decided nine snowflakes were just enough to give this cushion a pretty covering. They are worked using the intarsia crochet method following a chart, and the blue self-striping yarn is the aptly name Wendy Auroa Polar. The Lagom Snowflake Crochet Cushion Cover pattern is for sale in my Etsy, LoveCrafts and Ravelry stores.

And I have also working hard on some Christmas themed designs that are to appear in Simply Crochet later in November. What is even more exciting is that my Dala Horse and Flora Bauble that I designed for last year’s Simply Crochet Christmas have also been included in Your Crochet Christmas. You can find them alongside these cute birds.

As Christmas approaches, I will also be making more Christmas crochet, so you can look forward to finding some cute and original Christmas crochet here on the blog over the next few weeks.

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