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Yarn is all around

Yarn bombing – it is something that I have heard about, read about and seen pictures of. But I have never seen it myself. So imagine my surprise and delight when during our mini-break this week I stumbled upon a yarn bomb on the pier at Saltburn by the Sea on the Yorkshire Coast. This year the pier shall see its 150th birthday so local crafters have used yarn to celebrate and covered the railing with typical seaside motifs and scenes of its history.

Yarn is all around - Crochet Cloudberry
Yarn is all around - Crochet Cloudberry

But I think the best thing was the people’s reaction to this wonderful work of art. People, young and old, both men and women, stopped at the railing to look at the fantastic creations, take photos or chat to each other about what they were viewing. Although, the majority of the yarn bomb was knitting, it really did bring it home that you can use craft to spread joy in many ways.

Once R had managed to drag me away from the yarn bomb, a round of mini golf and a quick go on the tupenny falls, we headed down the Yorkshire coast to the picturesque fishing village of Staithes for the night. On the way down to the harbour, we came across a café where each chair was decked by a crochet blanket. Doesn’t it just look so inviting!

Yarn is all around - Crochet Cloudberry
Yarn is all around - Crochet Cloudberry

But that’s not the main crafter’s jewel of Staithes; it holds another treasure: Staithes Arts and Crafts Centre. It houses a wonderful collection of crafts that have been handmade by local craftpersons and that can be bought as souvenirs. And of particular interest for me, it sells balls of carpet wool and the odd crochet hook. Well I could barely resist and bought a rather modern combo of mustard and grey to make R a pair of mitts for when its too cold for his photographer gloves.


And with yarn available in the village, I spotted a lady knitting on the beach. I didn’t need much encouragement after that and spent a couple of hours in the sun, looking over the old harbour, listening to the cries of the seagulls and adding a few rows to the secret paths shawl. It was relaxation pure!

And the motto of this story: yarn, like love, is all around.

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Yarn is all around - Crochet Cloudberry

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