Free pattern crochet fingerless gloves for men

Photographer Gloves

Happy first of February!

I was going to start this month with another free crochet gnome pattern. I can see him in my head, he is dressed in hearts in preparation for Valentine’s day. But I ended up working on another labour of love this week. Part of my partner’s job is to take photographs for his heritage blog and with the cold temperatures here in Durham, he mentioned that his fingers were freezing because he could not operate his camera with regular gloves on. Since I recently made myself a cozy pair of January sky wrist warmers, I felt I should step up to the mark and make him a pair of professional looking photographer’s gloves with the fingers and thumbs free so he can adjust the lenses and press the buttons.

If you make these photographer gloves, I would love to see it so why not tag me on Instagram using #Crochetcloudberry or my other social media?


Free crochet pattern for fingerless gloves by Crochet Cloudberry
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Here are the instructions so you can make your favourite snapster a pair of photographer gloves.


  • Grey dk acrylic yarn (acrylic yarn dries faster if it gets wet. I used approx 40g of Stylecraft Bellissma smoked pearl*, which is really soft. Depending on the yarn you use you may need slightly more or less)
  • 4.5 mm hook
  • Bodkin for sewing in ends.
  • Stitch marker
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Pattern notes

This pattern will fit a small man’s hand very snugly. For larger hands simply add to the foundation chain in multiples of 2 and then follow the pattern. Or for a smaller hand reduce the foundation chain in multiples of 2. A snug fit is import so that there is not excess material getting in the way when the camera is to be operated.

This pattern uses the linen stitch which gives the material its texture.

The pattern uses UK terminology – click here for a conversion chart to USA terms.

Free pattern crochet fingerless gloves for men
Free pattern crochet fingerless gloves for men


Foundation row: Chain 35, plus 3 chains to turn.

Row 1: 1 tr in 4th chain from hook. Then tr in each chain until the end. Chain 1 to turn.

Row 2: Dc in first stitch,* chain 1, miss 1, dc. Repeat from *to end. Chain 1 to turn.

Row 3: Dc in first dc of row below. Dc in first chain space, *chain 1, miss 1 dc, then dc in next chain space. Repeat from *to last chain space in row. 1 dc in final stitch. Chain 1 to turn.

Rows 4 to 26: Repeat as rows 2 and 3 in sequence.

Row 27: 1 dc in each dc and chain space until end of row. Do not fasten off.

Making up

Fold the material over so that the wrong side is facing in. Then using double crochet, crochet the sides together. Crochet 7 rows down from the top of the glove and fasten off.

Reattach yarn at the bottom of the glove and double crochet the sides together for 9 rows up (that includes the first row of trebles). Hold the final stitch in place with a stitch marker and turn the glove inside out so that you are now working on the right side.

Free pattern crochet fingerless gloves for men
Free pattern crochet fingerless gloves for men


You should now have a gap in the side of the glove that will become the thumb hole. You will be working into the sides of the stitches in the main part of the glove. 1 dc in the closest stitch in the hole,* chain 1, miss 1, 1 dc in next stitch. Repeat from * until you have formed one round, then 1 chain to move to next round. Crochet 2 more round in this way and then finish off.

Repeat the process for the second glove. Both gloves are identical, there is no left or right gloves.


After receiving his photographer gloves, my partner tried them out and took this lovely frosty photo without getting frostbite

Winter walk f

I hope you enjoy making these photographer gloves. As with all my free patterns, please feel free to make and sell the crochet items, however, please credit me as the designer where possible and do not sell the pattern itself.

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  • Anonymous

    The stitch for this pattern is very attractive and will make the glove warm.
    I love the styling, how the glove is fitted around the thumb. Usually the ones in the shops are just tubes with part not sewn, but these are really tailored round the thumb and so will be warmer.

    • Crochet Cloudberry

      Hello Aynne,
      Thank you for asking. It used less than one skein of the Bellissima yarn. It was actually less than 50g but I will weigh the gloves when my partner comes home tonight and add a more precise weight to the materials list.
      Have a great day!

      • Aynne Pryce

        I’m a beginner, made several blankets recently and I am working on your gloves now. I’ve made three practice ones and each one is progressively better so I tear them up and re-crochet them. My son is a photographer and chose these. Thank you. I’ll be sure to give you lots of credit. ❤️ Aynne

        • Crochet Cloudberry

          Hej Anne,
          That sounds great. Crochet is definitely one of those skills where practice makes perfect, as my Gran would tell me. I really hope that you son likes the gloves and they keep his hands warm.

    • Crochet Cloudberry

      A pleasure, thank you for hosting. I find that I wear fingerless gloves when I’m working on the computer all through the winter.

  • Linda White

    Are you stitch names UK terms? I’m in the US and want to make sure I translate if necessary. Thanks, Linda

    • Crochet Cloudberry

      Hej Linda, yes they are uk terms. There is a link to a translation cheat sheet in the pattern.

  • alicia Grandbois

    Hello, this is a lovely crochet project. I’m a beginner and I’ve been struggling with row number 3, I didn’t understand it. Would you mind explaining it again? I was also wondering how did you manage to make the stitches look so nice and tight since mine look extremely big compared to yours, is it the kind of yarn, or a technique? Thanks a lot and have a good one!

    • Crochet Cloudberry

      Hello Alicia,

      Aww, I’m so glad that you like this pattern.
      In row three, you are basically making a dc in every ch-sp from the row below and making a ch st above the dc in the row below to create a kind of mesh.
      I think the small stitches is down to using a dk yarn with 4.5 hook. A larger weigh yarn will give you bigger stitches. Also I am using the British dc (US sc) which are smaller than American Dc.

      I hope this helps.

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