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Easy Cable Crochet Pumpkin

The Autumn equinox has just passed and I feel as if it would not be Autumn without a crochet pumpkin or two. This year, I have decided to add (literally) a little twist to the crochet pumpkin pattern by adding an easy cable to give it the added texture of your typical gnarled pumpkin or gourd.  Please find the free pattern below:

Or if you are looking for more pumpkin patterns why not check out the pumpkin cork gnome or the pumpkin pie granny square?

Free crochet pumpkin pattern - crochet cloudberry
Free crochet pumpkin pattern - crochet cloudberry


Caron Simply Soft – Pumpkin or Autumn Maize

5 mm hook

Tapestry needle and sharp scissors


Cinnamon stick or stick from tree

Yarn subbing

You can use any other aran/worsted weight yarn.

Using these affiliate links to LoveCrafts and Yarnspirations will not cost you any extra but will provide me with a small commission to keeping providing free crochet patterns.


8 to 10 cm high, depending on style.


Intermediate or beginners interested in new stitches.


Caron Simply Soft Yarn, Sunshine
Caron Simply Soft Yarn, Orchid
Caron Simply Soft Yarn, Gold
Caron Simply Soft Yarn, Ocean

Pattern notes

The pattern is written using UK terminology, for a conversion chart to US terminology click this link

The pumpkin is worked in the rows. You need to turn your work after each row.


[Stitches written in brackets like this are all worked into the same stitch.]


For the first stitch on each row: Chain 1 to move up to the next round if the round starts with double crochet. Chain 2 if the round starts with a half treble crochet, and chain 3 if the round starts with a treble crochet. These chains count as the first stitch in the row.

Free crochet pumpkin pattern - crochet cloudberry
Free crochet pumpkin pattern - crochet cloudberry

Special stitches

Ch – chain

Dc – double crochet

Fptr – front post treble

Fpdtr – Font post double treble

2dctog – work 2 dc together to decrease

Start crocheting here:

Foundation: Chain 36. (36)

Row 1: Dc in second chain from hook, then dc across. (35)

Row 2: 5dc [2dc]. 6 times. (42)

Row 3: 2dc, 4fptr worked the stitches of row 1, 1 dc. 6 times. (42)

Row 4: dc across. (42)

This is the cross over row.

Row 5: 2dc, skip 2 and work 2fpdtr over fptr in row 3, then work 2fpdtr into the 2 fptr you skipped, 1 dc. 6 times. (42)


Free crochet pumpkin pattern - crochet cloudberry

This video may help you with the stitch placement on row 5.

Row 6. Dc across. (42)

Crochet rows 3 to 6 in pattern another 4 times. If you want a taller pumpkin, you can make a few more repeats.

Final row: 5dc, 2dctog. 6 times. (35)

Fasten off leaving a very long tail for assembly.

Free crochet pumpkin pattern - crochet cloudberry

Using an embroidery needle sew the two sides together. Do not fasten off, but instead tack around the bottom of you work. Then pull it tight to close the whole in the bottom of the pumpkin, then fasten off.

Stuff the pumpkin, then get a new thread and tack around the top of the pumpkin. Before pulling the tacking tight, insert a cinnamon stick into the centre of the stuffing, and pull the thread tight around the stick. You can now either just fasten off the yarn to get a taller pumpkin or you can wrap the thread around the pumpkin so that the thread runs inbetween all cables. Then you pull the thread tight and fasten off to make the fatter pumpkin with dimples

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