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C2C Leek Square

When I was asked to join the community garden crochet along held by Sunflower Cottage Crochet, I jumped at the chance. As an avid garden myself, I loved the thought of a garden blanket and what is better we were told to explore the full aspects of gardening, including allotments. I’ve grown up around allotments and vegetable patches here in the North East, and so my thoughts went straight to, you guessed it, the leek.  I hope you enjoy this leek square. You can find info on joining the CAL, on purchasing the handy ebook and collecting the free patterns on the buttons below, and if you need a refresher for C2C crochet, you can check out this guide.

Please note, this is a chart only pattern, but the link to the tutorial above will help you master working the c2c crochet method.

Community Garden Free C2C Crochet Along
C2C garden square - Crochet Cloudberry


To get started you will need aran yarn in five different colours and a 5mm crochet hook. You can select your colours to match the rest of the blanket, but I would recommend using a white or cream for the main part of the leek, and two different shades of green for the leek. As you can see I gave it a cheerful two tone background in red and blue.

You can work from the grid below to make your square or you can scroll down to get the free pdf download during the CAL.

C2C garden square - Crochet Cloudberry
C2C garden square - Crochet Cloudberry

Once you have downloaded the chart (or saved this post for reference to the chart) and collected your yarns and 5 mm. You will follow the chart working from bottom right corner that is shown as 1. Alternately, if you would like fewer colour changes in your work, you could start in the bottom left.

On the chart each square represents a block of 3tr.

If you want brush up on C2C check out this tutorial and this simple tissue holder crochet pattern.

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