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Daring Dragonfly

This week, I have been waiting for the post to come with baited breath. Every time, I hear the familiar sound of the letter box opening, I’ve listened intently to the post dropping trying to make out what it is. I’ve been hoping for a larger letter wrapped in plastic: you know the type, the ones that magazines come in.

Admittedly, I’m a magazine kind of girl, especially when it comes to crochet magazines. I just love flicking through all the different designs and inevitably I find something that I want to make. But this week, it has been a little special for me as the magazine that I have been waiting for is the new issue of Crochet Now and it includes a cushion cover that I designed. It’s the first time that any of my crochet designs have been included in a magazine so it has caused quite some excitement in the Crochet Cloudberry household.

Crochet Cloudberry - Crochet Now Magazine
Crochet Cloudberry - Crochet Now Magazine
Thank you to Crochet Now for this wonderful shot of the Daring Dragonfly Cushion.

The Daring Dragonfly cushion cover was designed with a summer’s day by a pond or river in mind. When I think of it, I can hear the gentle buzzing of the insects, feel the warm sun on my face and the thrill of catching a glimpse of the vibrant hues of a dragonfly as it whizzes past. I think dragonflies are one of the prettiest insects that we have in the UK (I may even suggest that they rival the butterflies) and I just love how their wings and bodies reflect a myriad of colours. This colourfulness was the main inspiration for my pattern and using variegated yarn (Scheepjes colour crafter velvet) is my attempt to imitate the natural radiance of these beautiful creatures. Worked up using colour changes in rows, you can enjoy flashes of the dragonfly blues, greens and pinks while you crochet.

Designing the daring dragonfly has inspired me to continue my crochet insect journey and the pillow now has a little brother, the buzzy bee cushion cover. Intended as a Christmas present for my partner and resident bee fan, I’m now working writing up this pattern and tweaking the bee’s legs (not knees….) ever so slightly. Who knows one day I may end up designing a menagerie of insect cushions – there are so many interesting and colourful insects in our gardens and countryside.

Crochet Cloudberry - Bee Cushion Pattern
Crochet Cloudberry - Crochet Now Magazine

But before I start designing again, I just want to sit back with a coffee, have a good read through the magazine and decide what I want to make next. I’m already in love with this cute crochet succulent, which is available in this issue of Crochet Now and Emma Varnam’s book Crocheted Succulents. I just had to make it (luckily, I had some of the Rico Bubble in my stash that was supposed to become Christmas scrubbies last year…) and I’m amazed at how realistic it looks.


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