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Hygge Heart Cushion Cover

It has taken a while, but I have finally released my hygge heart crochet pattern on Ravelry and Etsy. I had hoped to have it out on Valentine’s day because of the hearts, but there were some finishing touches I needed to make and so I decided to focus on hygge instead as hygge can be any time of year, not just in February.

So what is hygge? With the increase in interest in Scandinavian shows (like the Bridge and the killing) and books (mainly crime novels), there also appears to be a growing love affair with Scandi culture and style. And hygge is a word that has now made its way into the English language and used in its own right. It is a Danish word that has no exact English equivalent; the closest translation is cozy, but I don’t think that quite covers it. It’s more of a feeling than a style of decoration. There has even been a whole book dedicated to explaining to hygge to us English speakers (The little book of hygge).

Hygge Heart Crochet Cushion Cover Pattern - Crochet Cloudberry
Hygge Heart Crochet Cushion Cover Pattern - Crochet Cloudberry

Denmark and all things Danish have always had an influence on me. As a child I was lucky enough to spend many holidays on the Danish coast and when I was older I stayed with friends and got summer jobs in local businesses. On my days off I loved strolling through the local town Odense, going into all the homeware stores and marveling at all the simple, yet beautiful crockery and soft-furnishings. I was also fortunate enough to see the wonderful examples of handiwork in people’s homes with wonderful motifs of birds and hearts.


When I came to designing the hygge heart pillow cover, I knew I wanted to incorporate these two features into the pattern: the simplicity combined with homely hearts. The plain cream/white main colour shows off the pink hearts and their borders of stripes and dots. The rows of hearts remind me of cross stitch wall hangings I saw in Denmark and that coupled with my recent fascination with self-striping yarns give this cushion cover a fair isle knit appearance despite it being crochet. I chose to use Aurora Electrons which gives beautiful purple to pink stripes through the hearts. However, the pattern is flexible once you have mastered colour change in crochet, the possibilities of different colour combinations are endless for you to create your own personal hygge at home.

Hygge Heart Crochet Cushion Cover Pattern - Crochet Cloudberry

If you crochet the hygge heart cushion, please do share photos with me on social media or ravelry, as I really do love seeing your creations.

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