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New Year, New Blanket

Happy New Year! May 2023 bring you health, happiness and of course plenty of (crochet) hooking!

It feels like no time since I was adding the trim to the 2022 crochet blanket. Over the Christmas holidays there were a few fine days when I go take photos of the blanket in all its glory. Of course there are few bits of the pattern that I would tweak for a smoother finish, but all in all I am happy with how the blanket turned out. It’s large enough to throw over the sofa and to cuddle under it, but the colours have a summer feel, so whatever the weather outside, I think it will now always be a little sunny under the 2022 crochet blanket:)

2022 Crochet Blanket - free crochet pattern - Crochet Cloudberry
2023 Crochet Blanket - free crochet pattern - Crochet Cloudberry

But just as as the saying goes one door (blanket) closes, another opens. That is right, I’m at it again and planning another free blanket pattern for 2023. You can see my colour choices below. What do you think?


Stylecraft Special DK in A Hint of Silver

Stylecraft Special DK in Sage

Stylecraft Special DK in Pale Rose

Stylecraft Special DK in Parma Violet

Stylecraft Special DK in Violet

Stylecraft Special DK in Raspberry

4 mm Odyssey hook

Using these affiliate links to LoveCrafts and Furls will not cost you any extra but will provide me with a small commission to keeping providing free crochet patterns.


Well, it certainly looks like the shades got Trixie’s approval. As usual she inspected my yarn during the photo shoot and appeared satisfied once she had sniffed each skein. 

The blanket will be slightly different this year. I am planning on making 12 different squares designs. Each square will be approximately 20cm by 20cm so that we will make two of each design and the  final blanket including the trim should be approximately 90cm by 130cm.


2023 Crochet Blanket - free crochet pattern - Crochet Cloudberry
2023 Crochet Blanket - free crochet pattern - Crochet Cloudberry

I intend to release one square per month, with an extra square one month, so that we can devote December to joining and trimming the blanket.

By making several square designs, it means that you can join in for the whole CAL or simply make the square you like for your own projects or a blanket all of one square design. like this flexible way of designing, as I understand committing to a year long blanket CAL can sometimes be dauting.

I do hope that you will be able to join me on this journey again. I have had such fun of the last two years with the blankets and I am really looking forward to this one.

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