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Yellow is the Colour

I just love yellow. So much so that when my partner and I were discussing redecorating our flat we have decided to recolour two rooms in yellow tones! So the main colour in our bathroom and living room will now be yellow.

Our sofa is full of blankets and cushions that I have made since starting my crochet journey five or six years ago, and most of them have blue as the dominant colour. So if we want to change the colour and the mood of the room, we are going to have to pack some of that away. Sad, I know, but we aren’t getting rid of them entirely as I am also sure that at some point we will again want a blue room.

Easy crochet cable mug cosy - free crochet pattern by Crochet Cloudberry
Bee Crochet Cushion Cover

Of course some things can stay, like the buzzy bee cushion cover (bees are yellow:) and a few things will be moved into different room. But here is the exciting bit: I now have a lot of cushions to recover and blankets to be made, or should I say crocheted.

So this week, I ordered some yarn in different shades of yellow and matching colours to try out some combinations. I am just amazed at the different tones and textures of yellow yarns – there are just so many to experiment with. Over the next few months,  I will be sharing my creations and hopefully will be able to show how our living space becomes bright and sunny.

Some makes are already underway and my first free yellow pattern is arriving this week in the form of a mug cosy.


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