2021 Blanket - free crochet pattern

Happy New Year – 2021 Blanket

Happy New Year! I know, it is a little late but none the less heart-felt. I hope that 2021 will be a great year for you and filled with one of your favourite things: crochet!

There is a lot of behind the scenes preparation going on at Crochet Cloudberry: some things that I can’t yet share and other things link the upcoming Friendship CAL blanket starting in January – keep checking Sunflower Cottage Crochet for all the details.

But I have also made a crochet related resolution: I have long wanted to make a blanket throughout the year and I have decided this will be the year. I had thought about making a temperature blanket but realised that I might not be able to persuade myself to crochet a row of the same stitch every night. So I decided that I would simply make up a pattern, adding a couple row each week and hopefully reflecting the week. 

2021 Blanket - free crochet pattern
2021 Blanket - free crochet pattern

This week, I have started at the centre with a flower. I hope that the flower will be a symbol of the new start in the new year. The main colours of the blanket will be two cheery yellows – I think we all need some cheer after 2020. I have teamed them with a pale purple and lovely dark greeny blue as contrast colours.


Caron Simply Soft – Gold

Caron Simply Soft – Ocean

Caron Simply Soft – Orchid

Caron Simply Soft – Sunshine

5 mm hook

Tapestry needle and sharp scissors

Using these affiliate links to LoveCrafts and Yarnspirations will not cost you any extra but will provide me with a small commission to keeping providing free crochet patterns.

Caron Simply Soft Yarn, Sunshine
Caron Simply Soft Yarn, Orchid
Caron Simply Soft Yarn, Gold
Caron Simply Soft Yarn, Ocean

Pattern notes

The pattern is written using UK terminology, for a conversion chart to US terminology click this link

The blanket is worked in the round. You do not need to turn your work after each row and you continue working in the same direction as before. 

[Stitches written in brackets like this are all worked into the same stitch.]

For the first stitch on each row: Chain 1 to move up to the next round if the round starts with double crochet. Chain 2 if the round starts with a half treble crochet, and chain 3 if the round starts with a treble crochet. These chains count as the first stitch in the row

2021 Blanket - free crochet pattern
2021 Blanket - free crochet pattern

Special stitches

Bphtr – back post half treble

Ch – chain

Fpdc – front post double treble

Htr – half treble

Mc – magic circle

Tr – treble

Ss – slip stitch

3trcl – 3 treble cluster

5trcl – 5 treble cluster

Start crocheting here:

Foundation: Use Gold: MC with 8dc. (8)

Round 1: 3trcl, ch 1. 8 times. Fasten off. (8 and 8 ch-1-sp).

Round 2: Use Sunshine. [3trcl, ch 1, 3trcl] in ch-1-sp, ch 1. 8 times. Fasten off. (16 and 16 ch-1-sp)

Round 3: Use Orchid: dc in ch-1-sp, fpdc over cluster in round 2. 16 times. (32)

Round 4: dc, ch 2, skip 1. 16 times. (16 and 16 ch-1-sp)

Round 5: [dc, tr, dtr with 3-ch-picout], skip dc from round 4, [dtr, tr, dc] in ch-2-sp, ss in dc from round 4. 8 times. Fasten off. (56 and 8 3-ch-picot). It will now look like you have 8 petals.

2021 Blanket - free crochet pattern
2021 Blanket - free crochet pattern

Round 6: Use Sunshine. 5trcl in ss from round 5. Ch 5 and place behind them the petals. 8 times. Fasten off. (8 and 8 5-ch-sp). Note: depending on your tension, you may prefer a to ch 6.

Round 7: Use Ocean: 8htr in 5-ch-sp, fphr over cluster in round 6. 8 times. (72)

I wish you all a lovely week and will be back again next weekend with the next installment.

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