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Keeping your Christmas Crojo

I’ve been thinking a lot about crochet recently. Well, that will hardly come as a surprise to most of you as I’m a self-confessed crochet addict. But I have been thinking about why we crochet. One of the obvious answers is to have nice things, either to give away or keep ourselves. And I am sure with Christmas coming up that is one of the biggest motivations of crocheters right now. And it is easy to get swept along making long lists of presents and dreaming about the perfect Christmas tree festooned with darling crochet ornaments.

Toadstool Christmas Bauble - Free Crochet Pattern - Crochet Cloudberry
Free Crochet Pattern Christmas Iceskate Bauble

And it is true, it is always good to have a goal whatever you are doing, but sometimes along the way the enjoyment gets lost. Small ornaments are often fiddly involving working into small stitches, which regularly transfers to tension in the neck and shoulders. And when making a gift for someone else, you want it to be so perfect and end up frequently pulling it all out and starting again without ever being truly happy with the end result. In among all this we sometimes actually get sick of crochet. WHAT – I hear you cry, but let’s face it, we have all been there struggling get to our crojo back.

So this year, I have decided to be kind to myself. I still want to love crochet on December 25th and I have a plan: I’m going to have several WIPs on the go. That is nothing new, but this time I am focusing on variety. So along with the small ornaments and toys for special people that just have to look perfect, I am doing some “me crochet”.

Easy crochet pattern for cherry blossom
Unisex crochet scarf - free crochet pattern - crochet cloudberry

“Me crochet” is what I am calling crochet that I can just chill out with and work row after repetitive row while watching TV, enjoying chatting with my family or when I am just too tired to concentrate on instructions but still want to keep my hands busy. Right now, I am working on a red version of the Alpine scarf (although that shall be a gift), but afterwards I will be adding a few rows to my ice flower blanket, which I have been working on in the background all year. I am hoping that this will see me through the festive season and that I will be raring to go in January. And who knows I might even get myself organized enough to make the famous temperature blankets.


Christmas Cushion Cover - Crochet Cloudberr
Christmas cushions
Crochet reindeer brooch - free crochet pattern
Reindeer brooch gift
Toadstool Christmas Bauble - Free Crochet Pattern - Crochet Cloudberry
Toadstool bauble
Free Crochet Pattern Christmas Iceskate Bauble
Iceskate ornament

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