Hedgehog Christmas Bauble - Free Crochet Pattern

Hedgehog Christmas Bauble

Crochet Christmas ornaments in August I hear you cry! It’s way too soon. Or is it? This year I am planning for Christmas early so that I can have a small tree full of homemade decorations and that means that I can’t just start crocheting on the first of Advent. I want my crochet decorations to be on trend so I decided to use yarns and beads in the popular rose gold tones. This way, the crochet ornaments should be coordinated and make a calming Christmas display. As rose gold is close to natural shades, I have taken my inspiration from nature. And who better to start with than this cute little hedgehog bauble – and not too out of season too as you often see a hedgehog scuttling around in the autumnal dusk.

Hedgehog Christmas Bauble - Free Crochet Pattern
Hedgehog Christmas Bauble - Free Crochet Pattern
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The hedgehog measure approx. 6cm long. It is possible to use other yarns, but the size will vary. When using other yarns, I recommend using one hook size smaller than recommended into order to give the bauble a night tight appearance.

Pattern notes

The pattern is written using UK terminology, for a conversion chart to US terminology click this link.

The head is worked in rounds. Join each round with a slip stitch and chain 1 to move to next round.

The rest of the body is worked in rows. At the end of each row chain 1 and turn your work.

[Stiches written in brackets like these are worked into the same stitch.]

Special stiches

  • MC- magic circle
  • Inc- 2 dc in same stitch
  • Dec – 2 dctog
  • Ss – slip stitch
Hedgehog Christmas Bauble - Free Crochet Pattern
Hedgehog Christmas Bauble - Free Crochet Pattern


Head and under body

Foundation: Using Pearl, mc with 6 dc (6)

Round 1: 2dc, inc. 2 times. (8)

Round 2: 3 dc, inc. 2 times. (10)

Round 3 and 4: Dc around. (10)

Round 5: dc, inc. 5 times. (15)

Round 6: 5sc [htr, tr, htr], 1ss, 1dc, 1ss, [htr, tr, htr], 5dc. (19)


After working round 6, you will see the ears. The rest of the body is worked in rows.

Row 7: 3 ss, chain 1 and turn.

Row 8: 6dc. (6)

Rows 9 -14: Dc across. (6)

Row 15: Dec, 2dc, dec. (4)

Row 16: Dc across. (4)

Row 17: Dec. 2 times. Fasten off. (2)

Hedgehog Christmas Bauble - Free Crochet Pattern


Using Old Gold (lash yarn.)

Foundation: Chain 10.

Row 1: Start in second chain from hook. 9dc. (9)

Rows 2 -6: Dc across. (9)

Row 7: Dec, 5dc, dec. (7).

Row 8: Dc across. (7)

Row 9: Dec, 3dc, dec. (5)

Row 10: Dc across (5). Fasten off leaving a long tail to sew the two pieces together.

Hedgehog Christmas Bauble - Free Crochet Pattern

Making up

Sew on the nose using Rose Gold and clip safety eyes into place on the face.

Place the spikes on top of the body with the narrow ends of each piece meeting. Using the Old Gold and bodkin sew them together, taking care to sew behind, rather than over the ears so that they pop out. Using Old Gold, i.e., the lash yarn gives the join a more natural look. When you have nearly sewn all the way round, stuff the body firmly.

To make the hanger, attach Rose Gold to the centre of the spikes with dc. Chain 40 and ss into the dc. Fasten off.

To add some extra sparkle, use the beading needle to sew the dark peach size 11 seed beads around the face of the hedgehog.

As with all my free patterns please feel free to make and sell the crochet items, however, please credit me as the designer where possible and do not sell the pattern itself.

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