Crochet bee gnome - free crochet pattern

Crochet Gnome Parade

Crochet gnomes have long been a feature of this crochet blog and for a while now (since the start of the year to be precies), I have been meaning to do an official round-up of all the free patterns for crochet gnomes. Last year, I crocheted one gnome per month, and each gnome depicts that month. It now means that I have a lovely selection of seasonal gnomes that come out of the cupboard to decorate my home as the seasons change.

Below, I have collected together the patterns and grouped them by season so that it is easier for you to find the gnome you want. I have also included the bonus gnomes at the bottom as well as the pattern to crochet your own amigurumi cork, in case you don’t have any corks to recycle.

Autumn Crochet Gnomes - Free Crochet Patterns
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Autumn / Fall


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