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Snow and Crochet

Crocheting in the snow;  I don’t think you can beat it. This year I have had to wait a long time for the snow. Of course, we have had our icy and frosty days this winter. They gave my hometown of Durham a magical cloak (like this photo of a morning in December). But real bona fide snow did not make an appearance until today. I have been particularly eager for some snow this year – as I was designing the Winter Jewels Lapghan CAL back in the summer I had been imagining myself crocheting the blanket as the flakes gently fell outside.

Snow And Crochet - Crochet Cloudberry
Snow And Crochet - Crochet Cloudberry

Nevertheless, even without snow I enjoy celebrating the seasons. And you might have been able to tell that I was not quite ready to let go of the Winter yet when I released the penguin brooch free pattern last the weekend. And what is more, Durham’s Winter celebrations were still in full swing with the famous Fire and Ice festival. I had a cold and blustery walk around the ice sculptures on Saturday morning as was so impressed with the level of detail and skill that goes into the momentary monuments. This year’s theme was travel through time, hence the Viking ship in the photo. You can take a peak at all the sculptures on

So now we have had snow, does that mean my Winter crochet for this year is over? The answer is definately not…

After I had completed the Winter Jewels lapghan CAL I started working on a Winter Jewels cushion to match. The idea is that you can take any the Amethyst Flower, Emerald Cube, Sapphire Star or Ruby Hexagon granny squares as a base and by working additional rounds in the same style you will create the cushion. The pattern is being written up as we speak and will be on the blog very soon.

Snow And Crochet - Crochet Cloudberry
Snow And Crochet - Crochet Cloudberry

The first cushion I made used the Sapphire Star granny square as the base and I used the empire blue yarn for the colour contrast. But I was also super curious to see what the square looked like in just one colour. As they are textured squares, I think that they retain their interest even when just worked in cream. The photo shows the begining of the Emerald Cube granny square – what do yout think?

And now a few flakes are still falling, so I am going to grab a hot drink and start working the last few rounds of this granny. Hope that you too are staying warm and dry in the snow.

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